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A Modern Crisis in Parenting:
The Disequilibrium in Parent-Child Connections and Play
By: Tara Gratto M.S.Ed, MA, OCT

Modern parenting is more challenging then ever and nobody is making it through the early years without unrelenting exhaustion, living in a state of overwhelm or constantly navigating feelings of guilt or inadequacy.

In this paper I will address:

  1. The factors that have lead to the crisis we currently face.
  2. The consequences that are playing out in terms of increased screen-time and an over-reliance on adult directed play and interaction.
  3. Steps for navigating this as a parent while supporting raising resilient children.

“We have created a system of child-adult dependency that does not benefit children or adults and we need to do something about it.”

White Paper:
A Modern Crisis in Parenting

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