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Virtual Ice Breakers for Kids

These activities are all fan favourites in my programs!

Using technology for connecting kids with the goal of developing virtual interpersonal skills is something that needs to be fostered and developed. 

Tip: The most successful experiences will be the ones you set up with excitement and enthusiasm.  Set the tone to have fun!!

Circle of Jokes

1) Each person shares a joke with the group, take turns guessing the answer. 

Connection Extension: make sure everyone has an opportunity to share a joke.  One of the ways I facilitate this is by getting kids to collect 3 jokes before they come to the next session.  It’s a great way to get them engaged in thinking about finding jokes that will be enjoyed by the group and thinking about people outside of the virtual space.

Hilarious Family Friendly Holiday jokes:

Scavenger Hunt

Prompt kids to find one item at a time.  Be creative with your item ideas!

Ideas to get started:

Find something that is….

1) Red   2) Round   3) Cold   4) Shiny   5) Prickly   6) Fuzzy   7) Wild   8) Thick

Twist: After you’ve played it a couple times, put the kids in charge and join in!  

When I have a group I ask each child to give one item idea and we go around the group until everyone has had a turn.

The Things You Know – Senses Version

  1. Pick an item or object that you can describe using your senses.  
  2. Don’t show your item.  
  3. Describe the item to the group using only your senses.  
  4. Let the group guess.  

Prompts: What does it smell like, taste like, feel like, look like, sound like, smell like, how does it make you feel, etc.

*Food items work particularly well for this game.

ABC’s of Awesomeness 

  1. Start at the beginning of the alphabet and pick 3 letters a day
  2. Brainstorm as many adjectives as you can for each letter

Connection Extension: get kids to write down three and share their favourite with the group (this encourages everyone to participate)

Example: A is for amazing, awesome, alert

Make a poster or chart of all the words to share with the group at the end.

Snowman/Flower Power – Word Guessing Game

    1. Pick a word (start with 4-5 letter words)
    2. Draw the number of letters in the word as dashes
    3. Kids guess the word
    4. Incorrect answers: draw the pieces of a snowman/flower, one incorrect guess at a time

Teachable moment:  This game often is referred to as hangman.  When I pause for reflection it’s not a great name or idea and possibly has quite a dark historydark history.*  When kids ask me why I’ve changed the name OR isn’t this ‘hangman’?I respond with honesty and share what I think of the game, know of the possible history and how I’m choosing to use different language and images now that I’ve thought about it.  Change happens by being honest with children and sharing possibilities of learning from the past to make changes for the future.