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Bedtime Success Story:

Like many parents out there, I used to dread bedtime. Our bedtime routine was endless with my children growing sillier and more demanding as I grew increasingly tired and frustrated. Throughout the evening I would move from appeasement to resentment and back again as I hoped that just one more story or song or cuddle would be the thing that would lead to my children asleep. I asked Tara for help. I gave her the details of our nightly drama and she came back with a very thorough and clear step-by-step bedtime routine. Tara told me that bedtime should take about twenty to thirty minutes from the start to the end. I doubted that my two hour production could be streamlined without a big pushback, but IT WORKED!!!! Not only did it work, but my two daughters (age 4 and 3) love the new bedtime routine as much as my husband and I do. We move from one step to the other without push or pull. Even if things go slightly off the rails, we move to the next step and the ship is righted once again. I feel engaged and present and calm, just the kind of parent I want to be. Tara’s bedtime routine has absolutely salvaged my evenings.

By Chloe P

Parenting Success Story:

Tara’s role in the life of my child has been central to my own parenting. Were it not for her generosity in our many conversations and email exchanges I would not have managed to maintain my patience and my energy levels throughout the many challenges I have faced as a parent. Tara provided extraordinary guidance and provided abundant resources for everything from: climate appropriate clothing and materials to diet, sleep, potty training, developmental milestones and setbacks, scheduling rhythms and most importantly kind and consistent parenting language. Her gentle, systematic and non-judgmental approach to answering my many questions provided much needed support, especially as we welcomed our second child and helped our son transition to school age.

By Juliana P

Parenting Success Story:

Tara has helped us through many many tricky times (tantrums and lying) and transitions (new baby brother, toileting, giving up soother) and we truly don’t know what we would do without her.   Tara’s clear and transparent communication style meant that we were able to reinforce or loop back on things that came up in the day at school – an element of consistency that we appreciated so much.  We regularly call on the tips and advice she’s given us over the years and find comfort in knowing that we can continue working with her through the transitions and tricky times that we’ll inevitably encounter in the future.  Tara’s experience and approach, her kindness-based philosophies and her openness have been truly life-changing for us as we raise a toddler and a preschooler. What a gift she has been to our entire family!

By Melanie A.

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