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\Navigate the Daily Challenges of Parenting in the Early Years (age 2-6)

Tara Gratto

The early years of parenting aren’t easy!  Add to that, the demands on parents are ever increasing.  A key factor underlying your challenges is that you grew up in a time where feelings were meant to be suppressed and now you’re moving to a space where feelings are welcome.  This has left you struggling to parent in difficult moments.  

Your experience as a person hasn’t provided you with the tools, skills or strategies to support this type of parenting and as a result, you are often exhausted and overwhelmed. 

We can change that!

This is for a parent:


Building Resilience Through Kindness will support you with tools and strategies AND connect you with other parents facing similar challenges.  We keep hearing “it takes a village, we all need support, you can’t parent alone.”  All these things are true, the missing element: connecting with parents who are sharing your journey and have some similar goals.


Module One: Language of Kindness – my signature framework for navigating the daily challenges of parenting

Module Two: Onion Language – understanding how language development works to support your parenting

Module Three: Step-by-Step Plans for Navigating Big Feelings, Meltdowns & Tricky Moments

Module Four: Feelings Toolbox – how to build tools for Big Feelings

Module Five: Give & Take – An approach to sharing and turn taking that relies on building trust and accountability

Module Six: Parent Guilt and Child Development – how to set boundaries while still validating children’s needs and learn how to fix parenting mishaps with connection and confidence.

About Tara Gratto

A social emotional expert with a Masters of Science in Education and over 20 years of experience.  I have worked with families and children in classroom settings, guidance, admin and for 7.5 years I owned a hybrid outdoor and play based preschool where I formalized many of my early years frameworks.  Throughout my career I have learned that when you support parents with tools and skills, everyone benefits.  As a parent, I understand how overwhelming the information available can be.  My goal is to support you with practical strategies and frameworks to manage the overwhelm while fostering essential life skills with your children.  I am passionate about the mental well-being of both you and your child.

Launching October 26, 2021

Only 10 Spots Available in Our Introductory Program

$ 297 (Special pricing for the first group!)
  • Group Coaching Calls: Tuesdays at 8:15pm

Launching October 26, 2021

Only 10 Spots Available in Our Beta Program

$ 297 (Special pricing for the first group!)
  • Group Coaching Calls: Tuesdays at 8:15pm


Question: Do you have a program for 6+ years? 

Answer: Yes! I am currently building one and plan to launch it in early 2022.  Be the first to know about it here.


Question: When does this program start?

Answer: This program will be launching at the end of October.  Exact dates are being finalized.  Be the first to know when registration opens. Join WAITLIST here.


Question: I follow you on Instagram and notice you talk a lot about picture books, will there be books included in this program? 

Answer: Yes I will be talking about how you can use picture books as tools to support your parenting, but there are no books included in the program. 

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Supporting you in raising children with empathy, kindness and social emotional skills. Free workshops, tips, tools and strategies for navigating the ins and outs of parenting. 

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