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About Tara (TAR-uh)

I have been working with children for as long as I can remember in a variety of different roles, capacities, and countries.  Education and teaching are a foundational part of who I am as a person and play an integral role in defining how I look at our world.

For seven and a half years, I owned and operated EducatorMama, an outdoor and play-based preschool for 2-4 year olds in West Toronto.  EducatorMama was pivotal to the development of my programs and frameworks that took a unique approach to social emotional learning and development known as The Language of Kindness. My skills and training in education, combined with my personal parenting strategies, and a focus on early childhood development provided me with a space to formalize my concepts in an accessible framework for parents, children, and caregivers.

Before EducatorMama, I built my career by working in traditional classrooms, outdoor and experiential education settings, as well as administration and guidance roles.  My diverse experiences both in Canada and overseas have provided me with a unique background that shape both my educational philosophy and personal viewpoints.  Underlying all my experience is the idea that empathy and social emotional intelligence play a key role in developing resilient and growth mindsets in children.

Building Resiliency Through Kindness & Empathy

The Language of Kindness is the foundation of my framework and program and is essential to fostering resiliency. It is a way of speaking and acting that is accessible and understandable for parents and children. By providing a framework for dialogue that is easily understood, children and adults are more capable of problem solving. Through this, children develop an understanding of how to interact with others and it establishes an internal dialogue that is a key component of encouraging a resilient mindset.

For the past 20 years, I have been developing and implementing a framework for systems that encompass my diverse educational experience and training, with my parenting philosophy. Through this process, I have been working to overcome behaviour challenges and support essential skill-building in an accessible system that parents and caregivers can integrate into their daily routine.

Through 1:1 coaching or small group virtual parenting workshops, I use these frameworks to help you develop the Language of Kindness within your family. I emphasize social emotional awareness, understanding and effectively expressing your children’s self-identity, giving you the tools to teach your children to communicate and use self-regulation strategies. I will help you teach your children the Language of Kindness by setting clear and appropriate boundaries, encouraging play and engaging in positive dialogues. 

Are you struggling?  Want some support for navigating critical conversations? Trying to foster empathy with your child? Book a FREE 30 minute consultation to discuss your family’s needs.

Tara Gratto M.S.Ed., MA, OCT
Raising Resilient Children