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I offer a variety of individual and group programs for parents, caregivers & children, to systematically develop problem solving skills for resiliency, while effectively addressing your parenting challenges.

As an educator, former preschool owner and parent, I have learned that social emotional well being and self-regulation are core components of developing resiliency in children.  Building on this foundation, I have developed programs to assist parents and caregivers with problem solving children’s behaviour, developing relationships, and building resiliency.

My customized Problem Solver Programs are designed to address your challenges by enhancing your parenting and caregiving skills.  I will provide you with tools for effective communication to set clear and appropriate boundaries, encourage age-appropriate learning and develop a positive relationship with your child.

 Skill Builder Programs have been designed to provide children with essential life skills for developing social emotional well being and tools for self regulation.  These programs will enhance your parenting and family relationships by providing children with a space for developing a deeper understanding of their individuality, diversity, and the importance of communication and connection.