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I work one-on-one with parents/caregivers who are exhausted, frustrated and stressed by the challenges of parenting & I teach how to have age-appropriate and meaningful conversations about empathy, kindness and social emotional well-being.

As an educator, former preschool owner and parent, I have learned that social emotional well-being, self-regulation and empathy are core components of developing resiliency in children.  Building on this foundation, I assist parents and caregivers with problem solving children’s behaviour, developing relationships, and building resiliency.

I work One-on-One with parents and caregivers who are struggling with the constant challenges of raising children and looking for an approach that supports their parenting style and child’s developmental needs. 

In my Parent Workshops I teach parents how to have age appropriate and meaningful conversations with their children about empathy, kindness, social emotional well-being and gratitude.

My Kid’s Programs have been designed to provide children with a virtual space to connect during the pandemic while fostering essential life skills that develop social emotional well being.